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Gucci Is Selling “Blackface” Turtle Necks For The Winter

Gucci has officially apologized for creating a wool sweater that resembles what many believe as blackface.

In a Twitter post on Wednesday, the Italian luxury brand apologized for the offense turtle neck that is causing a backlash. They stated:

But, regardless of an apology, the sweater has been extremely slammed on social media. Twitter immediately found the resemblance to blackface and emotions were put on full display!

Michael Booner even tweeted his frustration at the consistent racist imagery in media. He stated:

“One day I am going to deliver a prolific dissertation on how it feels to live in a continuous cycle of disrespect as a black man,” he said. “Gigantic brands like @gucci create offensive “fashion”, quickly apologize, and then state, ‘We did not know.” I don’t care. This is unacceptable.”

But, one member pointed out how the controversy was taking place during Black History Month.

But, let’s be clear. This is not the first time, fashion has been involved in racist imagery. Last year, Prada was caught spewing the same controversial imagery. The products that surfaced depicted money-like figures with black faces and large red lips. And the latest controversy comes as Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam faced criticism for an old yearbook photo exposed blackface and Ku Klux Klan symbolism. The Florida Secretary of State also resigned for blackface.  And Megyn Kelly won $30 million by making a comment on blackface. So basically, the shit has to fucking stop!

So, what do you all think? What will it take for us to stop supporting these racist brands? Please drop a comment below and for more breaking news and gossip, keep it locked to!

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