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    We Don’t Care If He Used To Box! Mayweather Can Get His Ass Beat!!

    Floyd Money Mayweather is back at it with the shenanigans.

    The former welterweight champion has always been known as a prick. Regardless of what’s going on, we know that Mayweather will always desire attention. His latest attempt for it will come at the hands of a racist gesture. The successful business still continues to support Gucci in wake of its blackface sweater. As we all know, Mayweather is not apologetic one bit over his decision to not boycott the luxury brand.

    Time For Floyd To Get That Ass Beat

    Gucci selling blackface turtle necks for the winteris something that the African American community won’t let slide. We already know that there are plenty of people wanting to see Floyd and mix it up. One person for sure is none other than Atlanta rapper T.I. The two got into a physical altercation some years back over Tip’s wife Tiny. Apparently, the rapper ran up swinging on Mayweather at a Fatburger out in L.A. Let’s just say that Mayweather took an L during that sparring match.

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    “Why wouldn’t we agree to a permanent boycott of Gucci as well as all other merchandise that fall under the Kering ownership, such as YSL, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and more? I’ll tell you why… it’s because in this day, celebrities and failing artist pick and choose the hottest trending topic as a means of seeking attention and using fake advocacy as their platform when their “talent” no longer benefit them.”

    Floyd surely knows how to push people’s button. Even his on and off again friend 50 Cent continues to troll Floyd Mayweather’s stupidity. Regardless Floyd Mayweather Jr. will still continue to make millions in just about every that he does. One thing for sure is that he definitely needs his ass beat.

    Should T.I. beat his ass again? Is this just another publicity stunt for Mayweather? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to



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