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    New Man, New Dick, Nicki Doesn’t Care!!

    Yesterday the internet went crazy when Nicki Minaj posted picks of an unknown gentleman.

    Immediately people started questioning exactly who this fellow is. It was only a matter of time until the media started to take a swing at who the lad is.

    Reports came out that the man making Nicki glow did time in prison and was a rapist. Nicki hasn’t seemed to bother by the accusations, as the photos indicated that she was cloud 9.

    Despite news breaking yesterday that Meek Mill was hitting Trina while in a relationship with Nicki, it probably didn’t bother Nicki. The rapper has had a rough week, as we learned that she has not been nominated for any Grammys.

    Her album “Queen”, is perhaps some of her best work, but her along with artist such as Taylor Swift, and Ariana Grande, we all overlooked for nominations. Nicki still isn’t bothered, and it’s evident that she must be getting that “new dick”. Whatever my man is doing, he’s surely hitting that right.

    Nicki finally addressed the rumors yesterday by stating that he was locked up and that the allegation of rape isn’t what we think.

    Nicki sure is happy, we’ll see how long this new man keeps her happy.  I mean she’s obviously enjoying the new dick also!!

    What are your thoughts? Should Nicki really care what we think??


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