Nicki Minaj Claims Her Lover Is Super Dick.. She Miss Meek!

Nicki Minaj Claims Her Lover

The romance between Nicki Minaj and Kenneth “Super Dick” Petty continues to be shared openly.

Since the world first got wind of the Queen rapper’s new boy toy, social media has been in chaos. Many people disapproved of the relationship after rumors swirled about Nicki Minaj might be dating a convicted rapist. The young money rapper came to her boyfriend’s defense to clear up the issue. More drama came into the spotlight after reports that Meek dicked down Trina while with Nicki. Despite what is being said, it’s clear that new man, new dick, Nicki doesn’t care.

It’s gotten to the point where the couples sexual activity is shared on Instagram. Regardless of her boyfriend’s history that dick must be gooodd. Fans are more stunned after Nicki Minaj lover is serious with new neck tattoo. Some of the social media clips shared leads us to believe that the couple might as well release the porn tape. Late last year we saw an outcry of some vicious motherfuckers after Nicki didn’t receive any Grammy nominations.

The teasing continued today as Nicki shared that she is getting smashed three times a day. She also went on to say that they already picked out baby names.

It seems as though Nick is living her best life, and she gives zero fucks. But we all know in the back of her mind she is missing Meek! However she is about to break another record in her music career. Nicki is about to rebound on you bitches in 2019.

Will Nicki give up her Super Dick? Will she eventually get back with Meek?
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