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    Jesse Palmer Done Fucked Up Now..Nicki Petty!!

    Nicki Minaj has been in the media over the last couple of days because of an unfamiliar man she posted.

    Right after posting pics of her and what appears to be a new boyfriend, instantly people on social media started digging.

    From the gate, people claimed that her mystery lover was a felon, rapist, and everything else in the book.

    After awhile Nicki finally answered those claims, and when back to enjoying her honey dip. At the moment Nicki is living her best life, new man, new dick, Nicki doesn’t care.

    Despite news coming out that Meek dicked down Trina while in a relationship Nicki, she doesn’t seem worried.

    However just the other day Nicki felt the need to put Daily Mail TV host Jesse Palmer on blast.

    Apparently, Nicki didn’t take a looking to what Mr. Palmer said. The Young Money rapper continued her attack by saying that the host would end up in jail.

    It seems like defamation of character will be the reason behind a possible lawsuit. Whether Nicki is joking or serious we can’t tell. But all we know is that Jesse Palmer better lay low for now!!

    If anyone knows feel free to share with!!


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