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    Trump Ain’t Fuckin Around.. Shutdown Part 2 Bitches!!

    Trump has never been a man of his word. So we don’t expect anything less when it comes to his wall.

    The “Make America Great Again” idiot has certainly turned the Oval Office upside down since his Presidency began. Their’s no secret to how the turn over rate with his staff has been mind-boggling. Mr. 45, continues to run the Country off his own agenda, and nearly no one seems to be able to keep up.

    Just last month the Country witnessed a Government shutdown which lasted a record-breaking 35 days. During that time Government employees missed several paychecks, and we watched Americans suffer on a national scale. Trump has been preaching about border security before being elected in office back in 2016. Since the middle of last year, the businessman turned President has been looking for $5.6 billion dollars to fund “His Wall“. The Democrats have continued to stick to there guns regarding not agreeing to the amount.

    The Republicans and  Democrats came up with a plan that they believe will allow the Government to avoid a shutdown. However, Congress and Trump will still need to sign off on the deal. In the past, Donald has not used his best judgment when it came to the suffering of others. People believe that Trump’s endless fuck ups will start World War III. His fixation on the wall led to a new Trump Slogan: “Build a Wall & Crime Will Fall”.

     “I’m not happy about it. It’s not doing the trick,”

    The full details of the possible deal have yet to be released. Overall the proposal includes $1.375 billion in funding for new border fencing. One of the main issues outside the substantial deficit amount is that the fencing would only cover 55 miles.  Trump originally promised 2,000 miles to be covered.

    Will Trump announce another shutdown? Will government workers have to work for free again? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to


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