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President Trump’s Border Wall Gets Approved for $1 Billion

The border wall that Trump has been proposing since his 2016 presidential campaign may actually see the light of day.

News coming straight from the Pentagon, states that the border fence has been approved with a budget. The southern border fence, which will run close to 57 miles, has been approved for $1 billion. And though many argue that most illegal immigrants don’t make their way into the U.S. by crossing the border, Trump believes the 18ft high fence is a necessity in decreasing the number of criminals entering the country. The construction of the wall will be handled by the Department of Defense.

However, despite the approval, Democrats are not happy. According to BBC News, the decision did not get the thumbs up from the proper committees. A democratic senator expressed their disappointment via a letter.

“We strongly object to both the substance of the funding transfer, and to the department implementing the transfer without seeking the approval of the congressional defence committees and in violation of provisions in the defence appropriation itself.”

Of the $1 billion, a portion of it will be used to build new roads, and to help with the installation of new lights.

Thoughts? Do you believe we should build a fence? Why or why not? Share your thoughts below.

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