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Florida Secretary of State Resigns After Blackface Photos Surface


Michael Ertel’s past has caught up with him big time…

Back in 2005, Ertel attended a private Halloween party, in which he decided to dress in blackface. Ertel covered his face in black makeup, and pretended to be a “Katrina victim.” His costume also included earrings, lipstick, a New Orleans Saints bandana, and a T-shirt.

After the pictures surfaced, Ertel handed his letter of resignation in on Thursday. The former Florida Secretary of State was newly appointed in December, by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Prior to his position, he had helped serve as Supervisor of Elections for Seminole County, FL. DeSantis claims that he had not known about the pictures, before appointing Ertel his new role.

“It has been an honor to serve you and the voters of Florida,” Ertel wrote in his resignation letter, via email.

According to BuzzFeedNews, the Halloween party took place just two months after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans– claiming the lives of 1,833 people.

DeSantis’ office accepted Ertel’s decision to step down immediately.

Thoughts? Do you believe Michael Ertel is racist? But better yet, how many more people in power engage in such ignorant behavior? Share your thoughts below.

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