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    Ye Affirms Stance On Jewish People, Walks Out Of Tim Pool Podcast

    If one thing is clear in the news lately, it’s that Ye has a flair for the dramatic! Ye was already making headlines this week for the update in his divorce from influencer, Kim Kardashian. This week, Ye also walked out of a podcast.

    To further complicate matters, Ye was set to discuss his recent dinner with Donald Trump. Timcast IRL is a political podcast that tackles a multitude of controversial issues in a discussion-based format. According to TMZ, “Ye went on Tim Pool’s podcast Monday, where he was joined by radical right-wing extremist Milo Yiannopoulos and controversial and proud white nationalist Nick Fuentes”.

    Instead of taking Tim’s bait and easing into the controversy, Ye decided to jump in feet first. He cites being de-banked, being unfairly billed by Adidas, fighting Gap, owing “a lot” in taxes, and even being targeted by the FBI! He describes there being a 75 million dollar hold on 4 of his bank accounts and owing around 50 million dollars in taxes!

    He proceeded to go on a muddled monologue about how hurt he has been by his perceived mistreatment at the hands of the banks and the media or as he refers, “them”. During which, Ye utilizes several racially charged metaphors including references to the movie, American History X, and the civil rights movement. When Tim cautiously asks Ye who is is referring to when he uses the term “they”, Ye becomes defensive and walks out.

    Was he commenting on the mainstream media, or was he making a statement about all Jewish people? It’s one thing to be a Black man and go on a podcast with white supremacists, but it is another thing entirely to stand behind such bigotry with no defense at hand whatsoever! Ye is displaying a cowardliness that is uncharacteristic to him, and his motives are muddy (to say the least)! Is Ye dead set on losing it all or something? Why is he doing this? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment!


    1. Something is ultra off with Ye.
      Distraction, division and that other “D” word.

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