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    Will Altered Carbon Continue it’s Success with Resleeved?

    The stacks are back.

    The first trailer for Altered Carbons anime series, Altered Carbon: Resleeved, has been released. Check it below.

    There is a lot of detail in the 2-minute trailer. We see Takeshi Kovac in a new sleeve that’s different from season’s one,  Joel Kinneman, and season’s two, Anthony Hopkins.

    What is it about?

    The story seems to be resolved around a young girl who is the tattoo artist for the Yakuza. She is being chased by cybernetic ninjas and it’s up to Kovac to keep her safe. The reason for the ninjas going after her is undetermined, but the trailer throws hints of her knowing something that might destroy the Yakuza or ruins someone’s reputation.

    Therefore, this could be a hint or the story on how Kovacs help the Yakuza. We learn that he has ties with them from season two when going to meet up with a Yakuza boss.

    How does it look? 

    As you can see from the trailer the new anime is an action pack thrill. The cybernetic ninja is a great touch to separate the animated series from the main one. It also shows that the script for Resleeved is created by the same crew who wrote the Ghost in the Shell Netflix series. Being that these series have similar aspects, I cant wait to see how the writers made this script unique from G.I.T.S.

    It is going to be fun watching the anime series. To see how it differs from the live-action one.  It looks like it will have way more action than any of its predecessors and a story that will have viewers glued to the screen.

    This anime is set to hit Netflix on March 17, 2020. Also, comment below and let us know what you think this show strong and weak points will be.

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