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    What To Make Of Nancy Pelosi And The 25th Amendment

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced plans to establish a commission to help Invoke the 25th amendment; what does that mean?

    Nancy Pelosi said something about the 25 Amendment on Monday but still may be unsure what it is.

    The war between Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump just hit a milestone, as the democratic representative is once again on the hunt. As was the case with the impeachment trial, democrats use poor timing and bad judgment to pursue trump.

    While the 25th amendment may sound like something big and bad, it will not help Americans.

    However, Pelosi and Rankins focus on the possibility that the President, who has COVID-19, could become “Incapacitated.”

    While dealing with the possibility of the president’s illness is cute, the upcoming November election should be the real concern. Why are democrats even bringing up the Amendment when we could have a new president in less than 30 days?

    Especially if said Amendment can only be enacted by the president’s cabinet or an outside committee? Sound like a waste of time.

    What do you guys think of Nancy Pelosi pursing the 25 Amendment? Let us know your thought in the comments.


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