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    What Messages are the NBA and NFL are Sending to the Masses?

    The NBA and NFL are two of the most prominent organizations in the world, let alone the country. Meaning, that every aspect of their decisions is viewed under a microphonic lens. The NBA’s biggest scandal of the offseason occurred when Boston Celtics HC Ime Udoka new surfaced. Udoka was alleged to indulging in intercourse with a female assistant on the Celtics staff. While on the other hand, the NFL’s scandal this offseason came when Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson news surfaced. Watson was alleged to have over 20 sexual assault lawsuits relating to his masseuses in Houston.

    Many find these two instances very different, however, one instance was treated far more severely than the other. The general consensus would probably lean towards Watson’s punishment being more significant than Udoka’s. Yet, this was not the case and many are confused by the inconsistency. While both leagues are very different, NBA commissioner Adam Silver appears to be more popular than NFL commissioner Roger Goddell. 

    Silver’s popularity stemmed from his heartfelt sentiment toward issues that empower players and their values. While this suspension isn’t declared by Silver it will still ultimately look bad on the NBA if thousands disagree with the consequences of Udoka’s actions. Oddly, many people have come out in defense of Udoka and defended him quite adamantly, especially on Twitter.

    Hypocrisy on Full Display

    Many are questioning, how did Udoka suffer the full-season suspension but Watson only get suspended for 11 games with over 20 sexual assault allegations. One would agree, the math doesn’t quite add up nor does the punishment fit the crime. However, the NFL often is blamed for missing the mark on certain cases in the past.

    Again, it appears African American males are at the forefront of the bigger problem at stake here, the media. The media has pushed these stories to the forefront but has yet to attack or address the egregious acts of HOF QB Brett Farve. Not that two make a right, but there’s a clear disparity amongst coverage within communities. This example just highlights it more than others. 


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