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    We Still Don’t Know Who Won The Presidential Election

    It’s November 4th and people still don’t know who won the presidential election of 2020?

    Who won the presidential election of 2020? that is the question on citizens’ minds across the country a day after elections.

    Like everything else that has gone on in the year 2020, the presidential election will go down as weird. Neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden has been crowned victor in the presidential race, although it is a day later.

    Americans, and maybe even the world have been sitting on the edge of their seats caught up in real-life drama. America’s drama is good too, Trump claiming victory, states gearing up for civil war. and the undefeated internet.

    Without getting too political because at this point that seems a pure waste of time. Whether you are republican, democrat, independent, if you voted for Donald Trump to be president you are trash. Not his policies, or what he has done for the economy, none of the work with prison reform, nothing he has done W.

    However, Who do you think won the 2020 presidential election? Are you Team Joe Biden or Team Donald Trump?

    Let us know in the comments.

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