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Villagers Didn’t Want to Get HIV So They Drained an Entire Lake

A small village in southern India caught the heebie jeebies, after a woman “supposedly” infected their drinking water with HIV. 

The unidentified woman, was 36-years-old woman, and found dead in the village’s lake. She tested positive for the virus.

When villagers found out the news, they demanded the lake’s waters be drained. One man told Times of India, “We would have consumed the water if it was the body of a normal person, but the woman died of HIV. There is no other way. The authorities must drain out the water and fill it with fresh water to to save the lives of villagers.”

Despite the reassurance of officials, they did not believe they would be safe from contracting the sickness. Nagaraj Bidralli, local official, said they begin to drain the water themselves.

The village is known as Morab, and the lake was their only source of clean water. Now that the lakes been emptied, the people of Morab will have to walk miles for the next clean source.

As for the woman found dead, officials say she killed herself. Her body was found decomposing.


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