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    Vancouver’s Very Own DKay Releases New “Pull Up” Single

    With over 3.8 million views on YouTube, Vancouver-based musician/creative Dkay has solidified his position at the forefront of Canada’s West Coast urban culture and nightlife. At 27 years old, Dkay has transitioned into not only a recording artist but a producer and engineer as well.

    Returning to the music scene with an impressive whew release titled “Pull Up” he is showing the world that you can accomplish any goal in life as long as you are passionate about it. Pull Up is easily DKay most impressive song to date as it showcases his talent like never before.

    I had the pleasure of interviewing DKay to talk about how he got his start in music, being a recording artist based in Vancouver and why he feels it necessary to make the transition into an artist from a producer.

    Check it out below.

    How did you get your start in the music business?

    I started making music in middle school in Calgary. I was blessed to have the same music teacher switch to my new school. She introduced me to the Mac operating software when they came out with Garageband; so by the end of 7th grade, I had already made a record and sold some units in my neighborhood.

    Shortly after, I started selling tickets to a popular all-ages event. I built up enough repore with the promoters to the point that he would let me perform at the events. I started to get my name out there using social media, and quickly realized that if I was serious about music, I would need to leave Calgary.

    How did you end up in Vancouver?

    I was an athlete my entire life. I still find it strange that I didn’t pursue sports further. But I used sports as a way to relocate to Vancouver. Using the skills I learned from events in Calgary, I made a little noise on campus at SFU.

    Then I began promoting for a nightclub and helped to solidify that club as a staple for people going to university/college. Naturally I used it as a way to put myself on a large stage and build a following. During this time, I ended up opening for almost every major artist that had a tour stop or one-off show in Vancouver.

    When did you realize creating music was your true passion?

    I started looking for my next step and found myself in Miami at the Hit Factory, speaking to Rich Gang about working together. This was the moment when I really started to figure out what direction I wanted to take my career on both the creative & business side. Since then I’ve been working on my craft, and building the foundation for what’s to come next.

    Why did you feel it necessary to transition as a producer into a recording artist?

    I studied music theory and production enough to make most of my instrumentals from scratch as well as mix and master my music. I started to sing more than I have before. I think that my transition into singing instead was something that needed to happen in order to stay true to myself.

    Click here to stream DKay’s new “Pull Up” single.


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