Uber Launches Electric Scooter Rental For it’s Customers

Uber Launches Electric Scooter

Uber now offers an electric scooter rental, expanding its resources to not just cars, trucks and paratransit… But now they are in the business of renting electric scooters to its users. Rumors hit last year that there would be a possibility of this being an option. After massive reports on their testing self-driving cars, helicopters and yachts, this didn’t sound like such a bad idea.

The service, however, is only available in Santa Monica, CA at the current moment, but we can assume Uber would set forth to expand this to other city locations that deem fit. Just like bike rentals which have been popping up in big metropolitan cities like New York City and Philadelphia, users can simply go into the app and locate a nearby scooter to help them get to where they’re going.
Uber Launches Electric Scooter-1

Price points on these electric scooter rentals go for $1 USD to unlock a scooter and 15 cents per minute of use. A simple use of an in-app QR code and boom, the scooter becomes unlocked from it’s charging station for the ride.

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