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Trump supporters barricaded in London pub by police

London cops forced a small group of Trump supporters into a pub.

Anti supporters were chanting “Nazi scum off our streets!” To the pro supporters while surrounding them. Clashes between pro-Trump and anti-Trump protesters were reported on the second day of the president’s state visit to the U.K.

Cops intervened between a “verbal disagreement” between the supporters, and anti-Trump protesters rallying against the president’s state visit to the UK. Tons of officers were guarding outside with members of the pub’s security team.

Officers on horseback tried to break up demonstrators as they shout: “Police protect the fascists.” The crowd eventually retreated toward the pub. Police said they barricaded about 20 pro-Trump supporters inside the Lord Moon of the Mall pub for their own safety.

A pro-Trump Londoner named John, who was sporting a “Make America Great Again” cap, told the outlet: “As a president, he has a right to be here. It is a matter of free speech. These protesters are undemocratic.”

According to New York Post, only one person was arrested.

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Featured Image Credit: New York Post

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