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    TruePandana Makes Waves With Her Latest Music Video “3D”

    TruePandana has been making waves in the music industry. Less than two weeks ago, Pandana released the music video for “3D”. In the song, Pandana raps catchy bars and sings melodic flows. The theme works well with the visuals.

    TruePandana was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. In the last year, Pandana has been building her fanbase in Philadelphia. When she was younger, Pandana and her family faced hard times. She used this as motivation to push harder to accomplish her goals. In the future, Pandana wants to set up programs for people with similar upbringings. She truly cares about others and is an excellent example that you don’t have to let your situation control where you’re going. Pandana shows us that anything you want is possible with hard work and dedication. TruePandana now has a very loyal fanbase and hundreds of thousands of followers across social media.

    TruePandana has overcome a lot in her life and is now very successful. She is a hard worker and also is into real estate. She owns properties and wants to add them to her investing portfolio in the future. Pandana has an entrepreneurial mindset and brings that into her music career. She studies business and is very knowledgeable about the industry. TruePandana’s song “Harlequin” has gained over one hundred and sixty thousand views on Youtube. The young artist has also been on the radio in the past; and has a rapidly growing fanbase. Pandana cares about her fans and shows them support. She is consistent on social media and is about her business. Pandana will be dropping more music this year for her fans. This is looking like a great beginning to the year for Pandana.

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