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    Travis Scott Deactivates Instagram After Costume Roast

    Travis Scott Halloween Costume got a mean roasting from fans.

    Fans on social media took one look at Travis Scott’s Batman Halloween Costume, and the jokes haven’t stopped.

    Halloween is usually a great time for celebrities because they can afford really good costumes. Us common folk run to our favorite scrolling places with anticipation of who will have the best costume. Every year though there is a tragic fail, that some celebrities will have to live with the rest of their lives.

    Travis Scott’s Halloween costume for this year is that tragic fail and fans were quick to let the “sicko mode” rapper know. Kylie’s baby daddy went with a classic superhero look in a Batman costume. However, fans didn’t think the look went well with Scotts body type, among other things.

    While it’s unclear if the bullying was the reason Scott deactivated his Instagram profile. Some people have taken note of how insensitive the internet can be especially with celebrities.

    What did you guys think of Travis Scott’s Batman Costume and Instagram incident? Was it really that bad?

    let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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