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    Tory Lanez Incident: The Rapper Always Chooses Violence

    Everyone has a tiny devil or angel on their shoulder. However, some people are just downright bad seeds. “Differences” rapper Tory Lanez makes some great records, but he has serious behavioral problems. Specifically, the Canadian rap star has a never-ending string of violence. Recently, he’s even made headlines for his assault cases against Megan Thee Stallion and now August Alsina. Though, looking back on his past, it’s clear that after the Tory Lanez incident, the rapper has some skeletons in his closet.

                The Rapper Has Assaulted People

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    While most people have redeeming qualities, Tory Lanez seems to lack any good aspects. The Canadian rapper has made tons of bad decisions. Not to mention, he’s acted irrationally to social situations.

    Recently, the “In For It” emcee was accused by fellow rapper August Alsina for allegedly assaulting him. Apparently, Lanez took it personally when Alsina refused to shake his hand during a recent run-in in Chicago this past weekend. To say that the rapper overreacted comes as an overstatement. Even worse, TMZ allegedly has video footage of Tory Lanez “celebrating” over winning a fight against the rap star. Did he forget that August Alsina suffers from an autoimmune disease? Unfortunately, Tory Lanez has serious anger problems that need confronting.

    Making matters worse, Lanez is awaiting a trial hearing for shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the foot back in 2020. Furthermore, Lanez has been charged with both assault and weapons charges. The Canadian star pleaded not guilty last November to a semiautomatic gun charge. Currently, he’s been out on bail twice, once during a surprise appearance at a concert and another for talking down about Megan Thee Stallion online. It goes without saying that Tory Lanez violence knows no bounds.

    This Isn’t The First Time He’s Committed Violence

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    Though, Tory Lanez didn’t stop there with his bad deeds. After constantly claiming his innocence during his October 20th trial, fans drudged up one of his old domestic violence cases. Furthermore, a woman that claimed to be Lanez’s ex, accused him of being physically, emotionally and verbally abusive. His ex even stated that the rapper once told her “that if I can’t have you, no one can.” Additionally, the woman shared screenshots of their text messages to her social media pages.

    Clearly, Tory Lanez has major violent tendencies. Luckily, life has a way of dishing out its own brand of karma.


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