Toronto’s Xheffie Releases New Visual “Since 15”


Toronto hip-hop artist Xheffie is back with the release of his new single and music video, “Since 15”.

The video features shot from old music videos and footage from his old neighborhood while contrasting it with a performance along the coastline of Toronto celebrating success. Xheffie reflects on his growing up in Toronto, having to struggle to make ends meet and moving toward street life. The song covers themes of friendship, loyalty, and loss; all while being delivered in an upfront, lyrical style.

The video serves as a journey through time and Xheffie’s career and shows how he is ready to take his brand global. Xheffie has been releasing music out of Toronto for the better part of a decade and has certainly made his mark both locally and nationwide. The artist has toured with several international acts and has collaborated with the likes of Blacka Da Don, Pilla B, and Heartless G.

The Toronto artist has always placed a big importance on storytelling in his music. Whether it’s more upbeat party anthems, or more serious stories of his growing up in the streets, Xheffie manages to paint detailed, engaging stories for the listener. This is especially seen in songs such as “Avenue Intro” and “Kolder” – a 2020 underground hit.

We are certainly looking forward to hearing more from Xheffie as we await the release of his full EP coming later this year.


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