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    Top 5 Sports Highlights: M-P Exhibition, MVP, LeBron, Sports Fine

    Top 5 June Sports Highlights: Mayweather-Paul, Jokic MVP, Lebron number change, Sports fines

    TL:DR– Here are your top 5 sports highlights for June. First, Mayweather-Paul had their exhibition and it resulted in a no winner disappointing fans who paid for PPV. Second, Jokic MVP over favorite Embiid. Third, Lebron James decides he will change his number to #6 after Space Jam sequel. Additionally, several sports fines were distributed and two of them were for violating tampering rules.

    Apparently, Pat Riley spoke on a radio station about leaving a key under the mat if James would return. As a result, Riley was fined $25,000. By that same token, Daryl Morey retweeted Steph Curry’s image of his brother in which he gave congratulations to his brother with the comment, “Join ’em” on top. Morey and the Philadelphia 76ers were fined $75,000 each. Finally, Bruins Coach, Cassidy was fined $25,000 after criticizing officials claiming bias. That’s your sports update, read for more details below. 

    1.Mayweather-Paul Exhibition 

    Top 5 Sports Highlights
    Mayweather & Paul Exhibiton. No winner. -Twitter

    Many were underewelmed with the exhibition between and Youtuber, Logan Paul. Youtuber Logan Paul entered the ring with a gold foiled Charizard (reportedly paid $150,000) in jewelry necklace lanyard. Surely, that set’s up the ridiculousness of this event, then perhaps nothing will prepare the viewer. In conclusion, Mayweather-Paul Exhibition was decided and ruled that there was no winner. Of course, that doesn’t mean there was no loser. In the end, anyone who paid for the Mayweather-Paul PPV lost out.

    Mayweather & Paul Exhibition Stats
    Mayweather & Paul Exhibition Stats. Courtesy of ESPN

    However, Mayweather-Paul were all smiles afterward. Perhaps, the smiles were because Mayweather-Paul knew they were getting paid lots of money for doing practically nothing in that “fight.” Additionally, there was no knock out punch to end the exhibition. Instead, Logan Paul lasted all eight rounds with his opponent which begs the question was Mayweather phoning it in just to drag the fight out? Logan Paul ends up with $5-20 Million and Floyd Mayweather made about $50-100 Million for the televised PPV Exhibtion.

    Mayweather, Professional Boxer

    Mayweather spoke about Logan Paul,

    “He’s better than I thought he was. I was surprised by him tonight. Good work. Good little guy. I had fun, tonight.”

    Logan Paul, Professional Youtuber

    Novice Logan paul beamed with accomplishment. The Youtuber survived those eight rounds (3 minute long) with a professional boxer who is considered one of the best out there, if not GOAT.

    “I don’t want anyone to tell me anything is impossible ever again,” Paul said. “The fact that I’m in here with one of the best boxers of all times proves the odds can be beat.”

    2. Nugget’s Nikola Jokic Wins MVP Over Embiid.

    Nugget’s Nikola Jokic Wins MVP Over Embiid.

    Unfortunately, to Sixer’s Fans, Embiid didn’t win MVP. Instead, it went to Denver Nuggets’ center Nikola Jokic. Jokic is the lowest level draft pick to win mvp. Notably, Philadelphia Sixer’s Embiid was considered the favorite. However, his first knee injury of the season,  affected his odds of winning. As a result, the knee injury made him miss 10 games straight. Joel ended up in the second spot when the polls closed.

    “Listen, there’s a lot of great, great candidates,” Rivers said. “Between Jokic and Joel, I think it was a two-man race. I guess you can say Steph (Curry) was thrown in there at the end the way he made a charge and just so many great players in our league.”

    Jokic MVP was given the news during a team meeting before Game 2 of their second-round series with the Suns. The MVP spoke about the accomplishment.

    It’s a big accomplishment. But, it’s something that, like I said to the guys, it’s not just me. I couldn’t do it by myself. It’s something that it is an individual award but it’s the effort of everybody who is part of the Denver Nuggets organization.” – NikolA Jokic MVP

    3. Lebron James Changes Number, Pat Reily fined

    Lebron James
    Top 5 Sports Highlights for June. 3. Lebron James will change his number after Space Jam sequel. Pat Riely fined after comments on a radio station urging James to come back. Photo Twitter

    Lebron reportedly says that he will change his jersey number back to #6 after the release of Space Jam sequel. James wore #6 with Miami Heat and won titles in 2012 and 2013. Is the Jersey number change because of superstitions? Could poor performance by the Lakers after high projections when James joined the team be responsible for the change? Or is it just due to teammate Anthony Davis wanting the #23?  Either way, he’s in good company with players who have worn multiple jersey numbers. Off the top of my head, Two big names come to mind, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. 

    In related news, Pat Reily was fined $25,000 for violating the league’s anti-tampering rule. During a radio interview, Reily expressed his support for the Lakers star to return to the Heat.  

    Pat Riley & Lebron James
    Top 5 Sports Highlights for June. 3. Lebron James will change his number after Space Jam sequel. Pat Riely fined after comments on a radio station urging James to come back. Photo Twitter

    “I would leave the key under the doormat if he would call me and let me know that he’s coming,”

    -Riley said while on “The Dan Le Batard Show”

    However, he’s not the only one to recently violate that rule.

    4. Daryl Morey fined $75,00 after tweeting to Steph Curry to Join his brother

    Top 5 Sports
    Top 5 Sports Highlights for June. 4. Daryl Morey fined after retweeting Steph Curry, urging him to join his brother with the Sixers. Photo Twitter

    Daryl Morey is also in hot water for his recent tweets regarding Steph Curry. Only, his fine is $75,000. Accordingly, the president of basketball operations not only cost himself but the 76ers team (also, $75,00) when he tweeted the following.

    Morey fined over urging tweet to Steph Curry to Join his brother
    5 Sports Highlights Morey fined over urging tweet to Steph Curry to Join his brother Daryl Morey | Twitter

    Despite, the obvious ploy to attract Steph to the sixers, Morey tried to backtrack and cover his comments with the following comment on his retweet, 

    “my goodness folks I am talking about the fact that we are thrilled seth curry is here with the sixers–nothing else!”

    Sure you were, Morey. Nice try, though.

    5 . Bruins coach calls out officiators, fined $25,000 

    Top 5 Sports
    Top 5 Sports Highlights for June. 5. Bruins Coach fined after criticizing officials regarding his teams loss. Photo Twitter

    In addition, Bruins’ coach called out officials. Reportedly, Bruce Cassidy was fined $25,000 for his comments against the officials. Cassidy stated that officials were calling more harshly against them suggesting bias. After all, It’s pretty clear that Cassidy was disappointed at their loss against the Islanders.

    “This is my take on it: We’re playing a team that has a very well-respected management and coaching staff. But I think they sell a narrative over there that it’s more like the New York Saints, not the New York Islanders,”

    -Cassidy said following the Bruins’ 5-4 defeat

    “They play hard and they play the right way, but I feel we’re the same way. And the exact calls that get called on us do not get called on them, and I don’t know why.”


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