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    Stoned Global News: Will Weed Be Legal in Mexico?

    In April, Mexico’s Senate is expected to approve a new law to legalize cannabis, two years after the country’s Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to ban the drug. In fact, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has already signaled his approval of the bill.

    The new legislation will allow adults 18 and older to smoke marijuana, grow as many as eight plants for personal use, and carry up to 28 grams of weed. In addition, it will also provide licenses to cultivate, research, and export cannabis.

    Senator Patricia Mercado from the Citizen’s Movement Party told plans to vote for the legalization bill. Mercado asserts that legalizing the drug instead of fighting it could give the country a powerful economic motor.

    “We’ve lost an industry that can be powerful during these times of economic crisis, unemployment; we could generate incomes and jobs, this is important.”

    This serves as some joyous global news.

    No More Covid Deaths in London

    London has no new reported deaths from Covid-19 in a single day for the first time in over six months, according to data reports.

    Public Health England (PHE) statistics from Sunday showed no fatalities within the last 28 days of a positive Covid-19 test in the UK capital. On the contrary, The United Kingdom recorded 19 deaths. The last daily record of zero deaths in London was in September 2020 before a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic struck Britain.

    The news comes as the UK’s “stay at home” order ends Monday and Covid-19 restrictions eased. Now groups of six can gather outdoors. 

    YouTube Helps Police Find Italian-Dutch Man

    An alleged Mafia fugitive was arrested by police in the Dominican Republic. He has been on the run since 2014.  His hobby as a YouTube chef drew police to him. 

    Marc Feren Claude Biart, a 53-year-old suspected member of the ‘Ndrangheta mafia organization, arrived in Milan, Italy, on Monday following his arrest.

    Even still, he had been living a quiet life in the tourist town of Boca Chica, Dominican Republic, not far from the country’s capital, Santo Domingo, said police.

    Biart had previously lived in Costa Rica and moved to the Dominican Republic around five years ago, said police.

    Asian Men More Likely to Have Pushed Back Hairlines? 

    Many millennials and younger experience hair loss. A 50,000-person survey by the China Association of Health Promotion and Education reportedly found that the country’s 30-year olds were going bald faster than any other group. Almost a third of respondents who were born in or after 1990 reported thinning hair, according to Chinese state media. 

    A similar poll by Beijing’s prestigious Tsinghua University reportedly found that the majority of students had experienced some degree of hair loss. Chinese state broadcaster CGTN went so far as to describe hair loss among the young as an “epidemic.” 

    Nonetheless, lifestyle changes have been accompanied by transformations in both technology and disposable income. Hair transplants are a viable solution for a growing number of men. Also the Chinese market for the procedure is expected to hit 20.8 billion yuan ($2.9 billion) in 2020. That is more than four times what it was four years ago, according to market research firm Statistica.

    Is this global news shocking?

    Tanzanian Media Mistakenly Sends Condolences for New President 

    The staff of a Tanzanian publication on leave after they mistakenly printed an ad mourning the country’s new President. Recently, Samia Suluhu Hassan was sworn in to replace the late President John Magufuli.

    In fact, the Tanzania’s Mining Corporation (STAMICO) sponsored ad intended to congratulate President Samia Suluhu. Suluhu embarks on her emergence as the country’s 6th president. Yet the ad offered condolences to citizens on her death.

    The ad appeared in Monday’s edition of the Daily News, a leading English newspaper in Tanzania, and read: “The Board of Directors, Management and Staff of State Mining Corporation (STAMICO) joins fellow Tanzanians in mourning the death of H.E President Samia Suluhu Hassan for being sworn in as the 6th President of the United Republic of Tanzania.”

    Unfortunately, the ad’s presence on social media served as embarrassing global news.


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