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Tokyo has a Halloween that People are still Getting Arrested for


Halloween is generally a crazy night in Tokyo. The Halloween of 2018 was no different. In this Halloween, a group of people decided to have some fun by flipping over a truck.

The Tokyo police did not enjoy this incident at all. They did not enjoy it so much that they launched an investigation to catch those responsible. According to Sora News, on December 5th, they arrested four men who partook in the truck flipping. One of them said, “I had been drinking, and I got caught up in the excitement and atmosphere.”

Also, the Tokyo police arrested eleven more people today.

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[…] Tokyo has a Halloween that People are still Getting Arrested for  Hypefresh Magazine, Inc. […]

[…] Read more here:: Tokyo has a Halloween that People are still Getting Arrested for – Hypefresh Magazine, Inc. […]


Kita Senju Station Becomes a Warzone after Violent Attack

Kita-Senju Station

According to the Tokyoreporter, there was a violent attack at Kita-Senju Station. A woman was stabbed at the station.

In addition to this news, we also know that this woman was in her 70’s. She managed to survive the attack with no fatal injuries. She was taken to the hospital where she received treatment. Her attacker is also in custody, according to police. He is said to be in his 50’s and is being charged with attempted murder. This attack is believed to be random.

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Tokyo man Found in Parking Lot with Girlfriend’s Corpse


In Tokyo, police arrested a man, after finding him in a parking with his girlfriend’s corpse. 

According to the Tokyoreporter, Yoshinobu Kumazawa is the custody of the Tokyo police. In addition to his arrest, Kumazawa has confessed to trying to get rid of the corpse. The corpse in the car with Kumazawa has been confirmed to be  Nerima Ward. She had been missing for a week prior to this event. A school official said that she had not gone to class in days. Her father went to her dorm to check on her and instead found blood on the walls. Police are investigating her suspicious death.

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Cellphones cause Japan to Lose its Pagers Forever


According to Japan Times, The age of the pager is now over in Japan. Pagers were very popular in Japan for decades. However, now they are about to be extinct, because of cell phones and other devices. Tokyo Telemessage, the last pager service in Japan, has decided to disable its services to pager in September 2019. The company said in a statement,” Pagers were once a huge hit … but the number of users is now down to 1,500.”  With this news, Japan will now be a country without pagers. The rise of cellphones since the nineties is undoubtedly the cause.

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Viral Hip Hop

Viral Hip Hop

Viral Hip Hop


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