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    TMF Precha Links With Drea For New Single “Grenade”

    After building a buzz with the Xpression collaborated hit “48 Laws,” thriving new sensation TMF Precha capitalizes on the newfound popularity with the release of his new track called “Grenade.” For the latest release, TMF finally collaborates with long-desired artist Drea in an emotional rollercoaster.

    Produced by Sinima Beats, “Grenade” tells a love story of a couple in turmoil. Played by Precha and Drea through the dialogue, both speak their peace and come to an understand that fortifies the unbreakable bond. The song is relatable on several levels to a lot of the common issues that occurs in modern-day relationships. Precha and Drea met several years ago when the two met after one of Drea’s performance. This collaboration is something different for both parties involved.

    “This song is definitely different than my norm,” said TMF Precha. “I guess I’d say it has more of a pop sound to it. I came up with the hook one day when me and my daughter Lexy were in the studio it just came out of nowhere messing around on the mic and I was like hold up that’s kinda catchy. I can’t sing a lick but I remembered how my buddy mike aka Excluzive would do some harmonizing in low vocals then later turn them up so I figured I’d give it a shot and I think it turned out decent. As far as Drea goes she’s a beast she definitely is the lead on the track and I’d love to work with her again in the future. Originally I was going hard at her on my verse but after some sound advice about a woman’s perspective from my lady I switched up my verse. This song has so many different scenarios and perspectives going on I believe anyone can find something to relate to in it most definitely. We talk about infidelity, substance abuse, lies, money issues, and about everything else that can cause a relationship to fail.”

    For newfound fans, “Grenade” is the perfect origin point to hop on the TMF Precha bandwagon. The lyricist and his wordplay are firestarters, undeniable and infectious.

    “48 Laws” and “Grenade” are both great lead ups to more new music form TMF Precha this year which includes a variety of new endeavors. Precha shares, “As far as what I’ve got going on right now is concerned I just released an audio version of my book. I’m currently working on a new song with Catalyst Bars. Also, me and Gringo the Mc have spoken about possibly doing some work together as well.”

    Drea appears on the song of her own accord. After “Grenade,” continue to follow Drea for daily updates and new music on social media.

    Feel free to check out the new single below and follow TMF Precha on social media.


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