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    Three Reasons Why Golden State Warriors SG Andrew Wiggins Is Legit

    Golden State Warriors SG Andrew Wiggins has been passed over since many believe him to be considered a “bust”. However, he’s continuing to prove to be the total opposite throughout the majority of his career. Many expectations for Wiggins coming out of Kansas University were to be franchise-changing. While he was a solid player he never did live up to that potential; however, he didn’t prove that he couldn’t play. Sadly, he wasn’t capable of living up to Los Angeles Lakers SF LeBron James level. However, him reviving his career as of late has many people pulling back their initial takes about the Golden State Warriors’ Wiggins.

    Wiggins Sneaky Athletic Ability

    All star Andrew Wiggins is extremely athletic, however, many don’t give much credit for his ability to jump and move. He’s recently posterized some of the NBA’s biggest stars in the regular and post-season. He showed flashes in the college of his ability to be different. However, in the NBA he hasn’t been given much opportunity to do so. Until he joined the Golden State Warriors. Due to the number of offensive weapons the Warriors possess, it allows Wiggins to be a slasher to the basket and play freely. The spreading of the floor opens up lanes that allow Wiggins to display who he truly is.

    For example, here is a thread displaying all of Wiggins’s ferocious dunks just this season alone.

    Underrated Two-Way Player for the Golden State Warriors

    Not only do people sleep on his athletic ability but many forget his ability to play both sides of the ball. His versatility has benefited the Warriors in ways that they can’t fathom. Not to mention, it’s also helping Wiggins reach his full potential. He’s always been physical and aggressive; however, he’s never been able to utilize his strength to help a team win. He’s proven to help them offensively by averaging 17 points, 5 rebounds, one steal, and one block per game for the Warriors according to ESPN.

    His ability to move his feet mixed with his athleticism allows him to cover every position besides center. This makes him extremely versatile and valuable going forward.

    Wiggin’s Scoring Ability

    Many don’t know that Wiggins for his career averages 19.3 points. This means that relatively he averages about 15 to 20 points on any given night. This may not be great for your first option to average; however, if this is your third option, the team is in great shape. In this case, all star Andrew Wiggins is arguably the fourth option, averaging close to 20 points regularly.

    This opens up many opportunities for star players to truly shine. Once their windows open that’ll lead to more opportunities for himself on mismatches. Wiggins continues to make life for the Golden State Warriors that much easier.

    Many believe that needs Andrew Wiggins to be given the respect that he deserves.


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