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    Theprinceofnc Says He “Might Go Insane” On His New Song “Insane”

    Theprinceofnc seemingly takes aim at depression and mental issues with his new song “Insane.”

    Theprinceofnc is locked in right now and came through with an 10 track album “Prince Did It” which features his hit song “insane”. The Carolina Rapper ended 2021 with a great memorable bang, releasing versatile tracks and announcing the possibility of a deluxe album in 2022. Theprinceofnc dropped “Insane” on his album which includes a few questionable lyrics.

    In the last few years, there have been quite a few relationship issues he has faced. Most notably, Theprinceofnc posted a handful of screenshots of his late girlfriend messages on Twitter with another female, which looked like some foul play.

    In Theprinceofnc new song, he seemingly quotes “I can’t go insane” and “Just might go insane.” Rapping “Heart been broke so many times, just might go insane, I can’t go insane, I can’t , I can’t go insane.”

    Check out the new song below and also check out the album.

    Quotable Lyrics:
    Heart been broke so many times, just might go insane
    I can’t go insane, I can’t , I can’t go insane
    Paint the sky red, numbing away all my pain
    I can’t go insane, I can’t, I can’t go insane


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