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    The Phillies Are In First Place; 8 Game Winning Streak.

    The Phillies Are In First Place; 8 Win Streak Continues.

    Phillies have secured NL East Division. Phillies are in first place over the struggling Mets. A feat that has not happened for the Phillies in almost a decade. Currently, their winning streak includes 8 straight games in a row resulting in 2 back to back series sweeps. This has been their longest winning streak since 2012. Consequently, the phillies are five games over .500. Which, makes them look like a brand new team from the performance witnessed for most of this season.

    So what has changed for the Phillies?

    So, wait what has changed. How the Phillies are in first place? For starters, Bryce Harper is back and hot. Additionally, Segura has been consistantly great.

    Bryce Harper
    Bryce harper is back. Phillies are in first place; winning streak of 8 games
    Via Philadelphia phillies twitter

    Subsequently, Brad Miller has been effective and a spark of new energy and has come in clutch while players recover from the IL. And, speaking of injuries, many of the Phillies players are returning from the IL at a pivotal time other teams struggle with piling injuries.

    Brad Miller
    Brad Miller is clutch right now. Phillies are in first place, 8 game winning streak
    Philadelphia phillies twitter

    Also, Hector Neris was taken out of the closer role which keeps the Phillies from blowing games. Even more, Neris has been productive as a relief, set up man. Ranger has been a great replacement as a consistent reliable closer. Finally, the crowd energy in the stands has been dynamic and has really fired them up. All of this continues to play into why the Phillies are currently experiencing a winning streak and dominating as of late.

    Kyle Gibson’s Acquisition

    Kyle Gibson pitching. Phillies are in first place; 8 game winning streak.
    Philadelphia phillies twitter

    Another key to the Phillies’ success is the acquisition of All-Star Kyle Gibson who has been a phenomenal help in the pitching department. Gibson has now allowed just three runs in 12 2/3 innings. This is big since the Phillies have been struggling with consistency in that department. Gibson’s acquisition is a big factor in why the Phillies are in first place.

    The bats are on fire.

    The Phillies have been quite productive with the offense particularly the long ball. And while thats always exciting to see the ball fly, here’s hoping they add some small ball in their to round things up. But, the hitting has been good. The offense heating up is another important factor to why the Phillies are in first place. When their offense picks up, it usually helps them secure more wins which has resulted currently in a massive winning streak. And speaking of homeruns, here are a couple of beauts to admire.

    The Homeruns Keep Coming In

    Jean segura stays consistently good.


    Rhys Hoskins is the big fella.

    Finally, Harper is back!!



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