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    The New York Giants Hired Brian Daboll, But Is He The Answer?

    The New York Giants have hired former Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll as their new head coach going forward. Daboll is replacing Joe Judge, who went 10-23 and was fired after two seasons. He was the third consecutive Giants coach fired after two seasons or less. It naturally leads many to ask the question: “Can Daboll be the answer the New York Giants are looking for?”

    Well now, it’s Daboll’s turn to try to right the ship for the Giants. The Giants seemed to clean house this offseason. Former GM Dave Gettleman “retired” following the end of the year, and as a result, the Giants hired Buffalo Bills GM Joe Schoen to take his place.

    Who is Brian Daboll?

    Daboll was one of the five finalists for the job along with former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores. The 46-year-old man guided top-five offenses in Buffalo each of the past two seasons. Josh Allen’s evolution is due to Daboll’s development of his skills over time. Allen came into the league erratic, big-armed, careless, and inaccurate. However, Daboll was able to transform him into one of the game’s brightest young stars.

    “I think teams would be foolish not to offer Brian Daboll a job,” Allen said.“I’m praying they don’t because I want him back here. But I love him and his family too much to really think that. I think he’s one of the best coaches in the league.”

    Are the New York Giants looking to become the Buffalo Bills?

    The connection between Schoen and Daboll from Buffalo made this seem a bit clear-cut. In fact, many expected Daboll to come alongside Schoen following his recent hiring.

    “Over the last four years, I have observed first-hand Brian’s strengths as a leader — he is an excellent communicator, intelligent, innovative, and hard-working,” Schoen said in a statement. “Brian’s genuine and engaging personality is refreshing. He fosters relationships with the players and coaches around him. He is progressive in his vision and values collaboration, two of the attributes we think are essential.”

    Out of many of the Giant’s candidates, it seems Daboll was the only offensive mindset. This might have played in his favor, considering that the Giants have struggled to put points on the board the last two to three seasons. 

    “My immediate goal is to assemble a coaching staff — a strong staff that emphasizes teaching and collaboration and making sure our players are put in the position to be their best and, ultimately, to win games,” Daboll said in a statement. “That’s why all of us do this. To teach, to be successful, to develop talent, and to win. I have a pretty good idea where our fan base’s feelings are right now, and I get it.

    “I promise we will work our tails off to put a team on the field that you will be proud to support and give us the results we all want.”



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