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    The NBA Trade Deadline, Which Players Are On The Move

    The NBA Trade Deadline is 3 pm eastern Thursday. Here the deals that of the day thus far.

    The NBA trade deadline is a crazy time for basketball fans. An entire day is spent checking your phone, seeing which players are on the move and what franchise made big moves.

    Today is that day when Basketball fans find out if their favorite team made any moves to either put them in contention or affirm rebuild mode. For players, it’s a lot more drama-filled as your entire career and family life hang in the balance of team executives. In today’s social media-driven world, a player may even find out they are moving while scrolling on twitter.

    So far, the NBA trade deadline hasn’t caused too much commotion in the basketball landscape. There have been many rumors swirling around about contenders looking to strengthen their rosters before playoffs. However, no moves made thus far should alter any championship odds.

    The most significant move thus far is probably the trade that took place between the Miami Heat and Memphis Grizzles. Miami received veteran and former Finals MVP, while also unloading problematic players Dion Waiters and James Johnson.

    Other big trades that took place include the rockets trading their starting center Clint Cappella in a four-team deal that netted them three and d Specialist Robert Covington. Another move that may have huge ramifications down the line is the deal between GSW and Minnesota. The warriors received former 1st round pick Andrew Wiggins, and two draft picks for guard Diangelo Russel.

    As far as other contenders go, the 76ers made a move to sure up their bench by acquiring Glenn Robinson III and Alec Burks from the warriors. However, their roster was already full before that move, so expect another move from them.

    There is still about an hour away, so stay tuned to see if any other moves happen.

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