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    The Los Angeles Lakers Big Three Attempt to Squash Issues

    Throughout the NBA offseason, there have been rumors about “shopping” former MVP Russell Westbrook and this has begun to brew up some tension amongst the big three. The Lakers were disappointing last year largely due to the poor play of Westbrook. Not to mention, star PF Anthony Davis refused to stay healthy and only played 40 games last season. According to Yahoo Sports, the Lakers stars hopped on a phone call attempting to mend things and vowed to make it work between them all.

    This is a bit odd, due to the fact, that the future of Westbrook remains uncertain. The trade conversations seemed to lead to nowhere because Westbrook’s value is substantially lower than the previous season. So it appears that Westbrook’s future will remain in Los Angeles Lakers for the time being. Although it’s clear the Lakers were interested in getting rid of him, he never officially requested a trade. In fact, he enjoys Los Angeles because it is where he’s originally from.

    Why Can’t the Los Angeles Lakers Trade Westbrook?

    Westbrook is set to earn $47 million for the 2022-23 season before he becomes a FA in the summer of next season. Not only is this deal unreal, additionally, he’s also an aging star and hasn’t played up to his potential. In the league today, Westbrook is one of the worst three-point shooting guards in the league shooting 30%, per ESPN. On top of his inconsistency at the free throw line shooting 67%.

    The rumors around maybe Westbrook for Brooklyn Nets SG Kyrie Irving seem to come to a halt. Other than this scenario there haven’t been many opportunities for Westbrook. In his first season with the Lakers, Westbrook struggled to find a consistent role. Therefore, offsetting his entire game and ultimately affecting his production for the Lakers.

    This offseason, Darvin Ham has been the biggest Lakers addition. Many believe his first goal is to figure out how the Lakers’ offense will run efficiently and effectively with Westbrook. Ham’s been vocal, stating Westbrook is the team’s starting PG and doesn’t envision him going elsewhere.

    As of recently, Westbrook also has separated from his longtime agent, Thad Foucher of Wasserman. This shows he’s attempting to turn over a new leaf and start fresh entirely. Westbrook will commit to making this work, however, will the organization show the same level of commitment is yet to show. While Westbrook has a few people in his corner, this season will determine what the remainder of his future looks like.

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