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    ‘The Flash’s’ Ezra Miller Is Off The Chain

    Hollywood can be full of glitz, glamor and prestige. However, the world of fame also has tons of eccentric artists. Other stars can be downright crazy. For instance, “The Flash’s” Ezra Miller can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble. The outlandish actor has made more than a few headlines for wrecking havoc and public spats with police officers. Now he’s being accused of music theft. Ezra MillerMember of the cast of The Flash Ezra Miller is off the chain. 

    He’s Off The Chain

    Ezra Miller
    via NBC News

    There’s never a dull moment in the world of celebrities. Though, it’s a mystery how some actors become superstars given their bad deeds. The Fantastic Beasts actor Ezra Miller certainly keeps himself in trouble on a daily basis. Recently, two musicians accused the 29-year-old of stealing their music for his own benefit. 

    Music producer Oliver Ignatius sat down with Rolling Stone and claimed his good friend Miller uploaded music online without his permission. Supposedly, the two have collaborated over Miller’s new music project in Hawaii. Unfortunately, Ignatius wasn’t a fan of their working relationship. At the moment, it looks like their friendship may have suffered as a result of the bad experience. 

    At the time, “The Flash” actor disapproved of a song Ignatius wrote about a friend that died from a result of domestic violence. The music producer drew the line at that point. “If we can’t agree that violence by a man against a woman is wrong, then we don’t agree on much,” he told Rolling Stone.  

    Unfortunately, Ezra Miller didn’t care much for Ignatius’s sentiments either and lashed out at his good friend. Making the end to their friendship permanent, Miller uploaded the unfinished song online. That wasn’t a good move on Miller’s part, especially since Ignatius owns the masters of the music. Clearly, Miller was off the chain that day. 

    Oliver Ignatius Calls Miller’s Behavior “Unforgivable” 

    Ezra Miller
    via The Daily Caller

    It goes without saying that Ezra Miller’s friendship with his music producer ended badly. In his talks with Rolling Stone, Ignatius noted that Miller not only broke a music deal, but also stole music from other artists. Miller collaborated with rapper Ghais Guevara on the new music project as well.

    At this point, everyone involved with Ezra Miller thinks he’s off the chain.


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