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    The Connection Between MO3, Florida-Based Rapper Ducky P’s Murder

    It goes without saying that in 2021 several rappers, both known and unknown, have died. Recently, Florida-based rapper Ducky P died during a gun down in his hometown. Despite the fact that no official report has been released, social media has all the details surrounding the rapper’s unfortunate death. Moreover, many fans suspect that there’s a connection between Ducky P and MO3’s death from earlier this year.

                The Mystery Behind Ducky P’s Murder

    Ducky P's murder

    Several speculations have been made about Ducky P’s murder. Though, the assumption that he’d been murdered by a gunman remains the biggest rumor. Furthermore, the circulating rumor suggests that Ducky P was in a black Honda Accord when the suspect fired shots at him. Medical professionals shortly arrived on scene but Ducky P had already succumbed to his death. Furthermore, social media has continued to dig for more information surrounding Ducky P’s murder.

    Some fans have even suggested there’s a connection between MO3’s and Ducky P’s death. In fact, the 23-year-old was friends with MO3’s killer Kewon Dontrell White, known as the Dallas, TX rapper Banzzo Bling. According to the End of Sentence YouTube channel, Ducky P and Banzzo Bling often worked together on music videos. Furthermore, Ducky P even put a diss track about MO3, obviously not a fan of the rival rapper. The YouTube channel End of Sentence suggested that Ducky P’s murder was a set up. According to the host, MO3’s friends murdered the Florida-based rapper as an act of revenge. There’s just no end to the violence.

    The Tributes

    Ducky P's murder

    In the wake of Ducky P’s murder, many took to his social media pages to share tributes and give condolences. Furthermore, the rapper received tons of “rest in peace” comments in the wake of his death. On Instagram, Ducky P had 15,000 followers and 164,000 subscribers on his YouTube page before his murder. Additionally, his friend Banzzo Bling shared a tribute on social media, noting that he “lost his best friend.” Hopefully, the police find justice for Ducky P.



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