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    The Black Eyed Peas Sue Toy Company For Making “My Poops”

    The Black Eyed Peas and their music publishing organization are suing a toy company for changing their multi-platinum hit, “My Humps,” into “My Poops.” Lets hope the toy company doesn’t tarnish the legacy of “I Gotta Feeling” next.

    What was MGA Entertainment thinking?

    According to court records obtained by XXL, toymaker MGA Entertainment Inc. was sued on Thursday (Jan. 19) by BMG Rights Management. BMG has at least $7.5% of the copyright for the 2005 hit song “My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas. According to the big publishing business, MGA Entertainment’s well-known Poopie Slime Surprise toy brand violated their rights to “My Humps” by changing the song’s lyrics to “My Poops” without permission.

    “I Gotta Feeling” that MGA is going to lose.

    The dancing unicorn toys that make up the Poopsie Slime Surprise product line have a button on their bellies that, when pressed, plays a potty-themed cover of the Black Eyed Peas’ “My Humps” almost verbatim. Along with the toys, the advertising videos that promote the series of products also seem to feature the modified version of the song.

    My poops, my poops, my poops, my poops!

    Whatcha gonna do with all that poop, all that poop? I’ma poop, poop, poop, poop!

    I drive my parents crazy, I do it every day.

    Whatcha gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside your trunk?

    My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump. My lovely lady lumps!

    I drive these brothers crazy, I do it on the daily.

    The Poopie Slime Surprise toys appear to have the same melody, rhyme pattern, cadence, and chord progression as Fergie can be heard singing on “My Humps.” This point headlined the lawsuit filed by BMG.

     The Poopie Slime Surprise toys, according to BMG Rights Management, have illegally made over $10 million off of the immensely popular Black Eyed Peas song. Additionally, MGA Entertainment Inc. is accused of disobeying many cease-and-desist orders.

    Do you think the toy company was wrong? Are The Black Eyed Peas well within their rights to file a lawsuit? Is “I Gotta Feeling” a more timeless song than “My Humps?” Did you enjoy the “Girl Like Me” video that featured Shakira? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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