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    Talking Black: Daytime Talk Shows Changing The Narrative

    Talk shows are the root of conversations and open opinions. Topics from social media, news outlets and daily issues make their way to the main stage. Historically talk shows began in the 1950s with The Tonight Show being the originator of the format. Although the talk show era originally started with only white hosts, the world changed making room for a new narrative.

    Oprah Winfrey is nationally known as the Godmother of Talk television. Her incredible and memorable show The Oprah Winfrey Show, aired in 1986, setting a motion of Black representation in market that was under represented. Arsenio Hall made another incredible stride in by becoming TV’s first Black syndicated late night talk show host with his show The Arsenio Hall. Overnight the representation of Black culture in daytime television changed, allowing new black faces to be heard. Check out these Black daytime talk shows continuing to change the narrative.

    Sherri Shepard “Sherri”

    Sherri Shepard is the latest Black woman to change the narrative of daytime television. Replacing Wendy Williams, Sherri premiered on the Fox network on Sept. 12. Sherri who previously was on The View, earned a dedicated and huge following for her bubbly personality. Sherri show has already won hearts of millions, with guests like Tamera Mowry-Housley, Tommy Davidson, Tyra Banks and more. With attention to positivity and gratitude, Sherri’s platform doesn’t involve gossip or negative view points. Her honest rebellion is changing the narrative of daytime television. Sherri airs weekdays at 10am on Fox.

    Tamron Hall “Tamron Hall Show”

    Tamron Hall is media gem amongst black culture. Gracing our screens since 2007, Tamron has dominated every inch of the media realm. Initially starting out in news at MSNBC and NBC, she quickly became the face and voice for Chicago news. Becoming a household name, Tamron premiered her self-titled nationally syndicated show in 2019 on ABC. Receiving worldwide praise and winning a Daytime Emmy, the Tamron Hall Show, touches viewers in more ways than one. Everything from deep topics to community outreach, one of kind interviews and her inviting spirit show how Tamron Hall is changing the narrative. Watch the Tamron Hall show weekdays at 1pm on WLS ABC 7.

    Jennifer Hudson “The Jennifer Hudson Show”

    A new face changing the narrative of daytime television talk shows is the talented Jennifer Hudson. Winning the hearts of millions with her captivating voice, outstanding acting abilities and most recently achieving EGOT status, Jennifer is a legend in Hollywood. With such a devoted fanbase Jennifer took her influence to daytime television. The Jennifer Hudson Show premiered September 12th on WFLD/FOX, letting the world see another black woman in the talk show lane. Jennifer who is loved amongst celebrities as well regular people, sets a motivating, loving and open tone with her show. Giving a safe place for everyone in daytime television, Jennifer Hudson is changing the narrative. The Jennifer Hudson Show airs weekdays at 11am on Fox.

    Symone Sanders “Symone”

    Symone Sanders is a force to be reckoned with in the media world. One of the most respected black political strategist of this generation, she uses her influence to educate and inform. With an impressive and admirable career, Symone delivers political information to not only the masses but to the black culture in a dynamic way. In 2016, Symone became the youngest presidential press secretary on record during Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. She also served as senior advisor for President Joe Biden in his 2020 campaign, ultimately leading to his win. Her fiery and passionate delivery lead to a position with CNN as a political commentator, further adding representation where it’s needed the most. Her groundbreaking show Symone premiered May 7th, on the MSNBC network. Tackling issues around politics, culture and race, Symone Sanders isn’t afraid of changing the narrative. Symone airs at 3pm Saturday and Sundays on MSNBC.

    As the battle for black representation continues to grow, we look to these amazing platforms to change the narrative.


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