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    Steve Lacy Responds To Rude Fans: ‘I’m A Human Being, Not A Robot’

    Fans and concertgoers tend to lose their heads in the presence of a celebrity. At the end of the day, though, they’re human just like us. Recently, Steve Lacy shared with fans that he has his bad and good days, too. Unfortunately, Lacy lost his cool at a recent concert after a fan threw a camera at him. The incident led the artist to smash the fan’s camera. During the concert, Steve Lacy made it clear that he’s “a human being, not a robot.”

                A Fan Pissed Off Steve Lacy

    This past week, Steve Lacy had to deal with unruly fans during his Give You The World Tour. At his most recent concert in New Orleans, Lacy had a disposable camera being hurled at him by a fan. Video footage from the concert shows the artist asking for the camera back, only to smash it.

    Furthermore, he stops the show to tell fans how to better behave at a concert. More importantly, he demanded that they “reframe from throwing objects at him.” Additionally, some sources say that Lacy stormed off stage, ending the show for the night. Unfortunately, one bad apple spoiled all the fun for other concertgoers.

                He’s Not Sorry For Being Human

    human being
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    Of course, Lacy’s reaction earned the artist some major backlash from internet trolls and the like. Though, he’s not sorry for smashing the fan’s phone.

    Recently, the 24-year-old took to Instagram to thank those who acted accordingly during his performance and condemned those who didn’t. Additionally, he drove home the notion that he’s not some gimmick or made up product of the media. He’s a human being. Honestly, people need to remember that celebrities have feelings too. Let’s treat them with some respect for once.


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