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    It’s Official Steve Harvey Is Scum Of The Earth!!!

    For the better part of two months, we’ve known that the comedian’s daytime talk show would be canceled. Now it seems like the staff will face the inevitable as well. Steve Harvey is scum.

    Late last year NBC Universal announced that Kelly Clarkson would replace Steve Harvey‘s time slot in 2019. Since then it’s been a rude awakening for Steve as no one else has attempted to pick up the show. With the show officially ending he will now let his entire staff go. Plenty of people are ashamed of how everything is ending.

    Steve Harvey Scum

    The staff just finished filming it’s final episode, and with that said his staff is out of a job. Furthermore, an outlet has reported that the daytime host hasn’t returned calls or emails from his staff. Hence Harvey is already on to bigger and better things, with hopefully more things coming down the pipeline.

    “Steve is the King of being not grateful. He filmed his last show on Thursday and by Friday he had already moved on.”

    A Podcast personality decided to speak on what’s happening at the moment. It has already been reported that his former drug Queenpin wife Marjorie Harvey will be getting her own show. Marjorie show will be similar to Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Red Table Talk. In addition to his show being canceled, he will be replaced as host of Little Big Shots with comedian Melissa McCarthy.

    “Steve didn’t know many of his staff’s names, so he didn’t have many to forget,” said the insider. “The few staff who have his email and contact number have already been deleted and the one or two farewell notes he received were not returned.”
    “After a show gets cancelled its usual for the host to take the crew and producers out to say thank you and goodbye. However, with Steve it’s out-of-site, out-of-mind. He will be blaming them for getting bumped,”

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