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    Steph Curry Historic Hot Streak

    Steph Curry’s shooting is on fire again. He surpassed Wilt Chamberlain as the Warrior’s all-time leading scorer last week and continues to bring the smoke. We thought the 2016 season was his best, and he even went on a nice run in 2019, but right now he’s on one the hottest streak of his career.

    Steph Curry has averaged 41 points in the last 10 games. He actually has never put up numbers like this before. It’s the most he’s scored in a ten game stretch, ever. Monday he popped 49 points on the road in Philly. He shot 10-17 from three as the Warriors defeated the 76ers 107-96.

    “I think he’s on a historic run right now,” Sixers guard George Hill said. “He’s making tough shots from everywhere on the floor. He’s playing at that All-Star, that MVP caliber player that he’s been playing at many years ago. I like the challenge and I like the opportunity.”

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    Coaches across the league are trying everything they can to contain him, but lately he’s defeated every defensive attack thrown his way. Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens was recently on the receiving end of one of the latest rainfalls from Steph Curry Shooting. “I hate competing against him, but man I do love watching him. You just never feel good when you’re an opponent. You always feel like you’re the next line in a fairy tale.”

    “I’ve seen Kobe Bryant early in his career had a stretch where he went nuts,” Warriors head coach Steve Kerr stated. “Obviously Michael Jordan had some stretches where he just scored like crazy. But nobody’s ever shot the ball like this in the history of the game.”


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