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    Spider-Man Is Back! With Tom Holland and Zendaya

    Spider-Man is back! And so are the celebs. Chairman of Sony, Tom Rothman, is hoping to begin work on the fourth installment of this corner of the Spiderverse. According to Jonathan Fuge of Movie Web and an article in Deadline, Rothman hopes to see Tom Holland, Zendaya, and director Jon Watts return to the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise.

    Spider-Man Spoilers Ahead: Proceed With Caution

    If you’re an MCU fanatic, this will come as no surprise. But if you’re planning to catch up on the spidey movies sometime soon, here is an obligatory spoiler alert! In the most recent Spider flick, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Zendaya’s character is one of many who have their memories wiped as the film comes to an end. Rothman’s desire for Zendaya to return; however, is giving fans hope that MJ will remember Peter Parker.

    According to Deadline, it seems Rothman would get the whole gang back together if he could. Please forgive a second spoiler, but does this mean Marisa Tomei’s Aunt May could come back too?

    Benedict Comingback?

    Since its release in December 2021, Spider-Man: No Way Home has grossed over 804 million dollars in the United States alone, according to Rotten Tomatoes. The smash success of the most recent Spider-Man film bodes well for its next installment. Rothman’s announcement that he hopes to re-sign director Jon Watts to the team leaves the door open for other No Way Home cameos to reappear. Right before his premiere of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange played an integral role in the most recent Spider-Man film. Fans of the controversial character will surely keep their fingers crossed that he helps Peter Parker win back MJ.

    Hold Your Horses, Marvel Fans

    An article in news source Daily Research Plot by Sameeksha Rawat; however, quells Marvel fans’ excitement. Rawat aptly said, “While most of the characters are expected to return for Spider-Man 4, the film isn’t going to take place anytime soon. And is probably a ‘down the road’ project for now.”


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