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    Soulja Boy’s New Series “The Life Of Draco” Is On The Way

    When it comes to Soulja Boy, the rapper always finds a way to make himself relevant. Through his social media antics and controversial interviews, Draco has maintained a dedicated following. Recently, he returned to the music scene with his viral hit “Make It Clap” and made a success. With him back in the spotlight, Draco is looking to the horizon and hitting new milestones. These days, though, he’s giving up the mic and has plans of becoming an actor. The game-changing emcee plans to drop his new docuseries “The Life of Draco” very soon.

    Soulja Boy’s “The Life of Draco”

    The Life of Draco
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    At some point in their careers, celebrities yearn to tell the story about living in the spotlight. Stars like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and Janet Jackson have all discussed in grave detail the pressures of fame and what it takes to become a star. After 15 years of being in the music business, Soulja Boy has decided that its time the fans know his life story.

    Recently, Soulja Boy sat down with HipHipDX to talk about his new docuseries “The Life of Draco” airing on REVOLT TV on January 21. Moreover, the star wants fans to know “what it’s like” to live his life as a rap star. Not to mention, he plans to show the more gritty side of showbiz, such as his feud with Kanye West. Hopefully, the decision to discuss the epic fallout doesn’t backfire on him.

    Rappers Need To Stay Off The Streets

    The Life of Draco
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    During his interview, Soulja Boy also dropped some much needed wisdom on new rappers. The 31-year-old discussed the ever prevalent reality of rising stars either being murdered or ending up behind bars. Draco notes that he has so many favorites amongst the flock of new emcees. However, he becomes frustrated with the number of up and coming emcees being thrown in jail.

    “You can’t be in the streets and be a rapper at the same time . . . You have to separate it,” the 31-year-old said. Soulja Boy recognizes what few rappers have realized in their careers; to leave the past behind and look to the future.

    Be sure to check out his new docusereis “The Life of Draco” this week.



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