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    Soulja Boy Claims Kanye West Sabotaged His Music Career

    Celebrity feuds happen all the time. Though, some feuds can end a celebrity’s career for good. This year alone, it seemed like Soulja Boy was making successful comeback with his viral “She Make It Clap” track. However, his most recent feud with Kanye West landed him in some hot water. Recently, the emcee claimed that Kanye West sabotaged his music career.

                Kanye West Kicks Soulja Boy Off Donda

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    Earlier this year, Soulja Boy had beef with Kanye West, which resulted in him being dropped from the Donda album. Furthermore, West called Big Drako’s verse off their song collaboration “trash.” In rebuttal, the “Slow Clap” rapper deemed the GOAT a “coward” and even insulted his 10th album Donda.  Clearly, feelings were hurt and the two had plenty to say about each other. Luckily, Kanye West appeared as the bigger man and apologized for his actions. Though, that didn’t stop Yeezy from sabotaging Big Drako’s music career.

                       Talk About Sabotage of Music Career

    music career
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    Of course, no rapper likes having their verse cut from a song. Not to mention, being kicked off an elite rapper’s song can hurt someone’s ego. Soulja Boy certainly felt the blow back after Kanye West dropped his verse off the Donda album. During a live stream, Big Drako claimed that his beef with Kanye West, led to him being kicked off other rappers’ songs. So far, Soulja Boy’s verses have been removed from both Stunna 4 Vegas and Lil Yachty’s songs. It seems like Soulja Boy’s music career might be on the rocks.

    Hopefully, he can find a way to turn things around.


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