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    Sofia Jirau Makes History As Part Of Victoria’s Secret Campaign

    Sofia Jirau, The Model

    As it has been said before, “if you want it badly enough there are no limits to what you can achieve”. And for Puerto Rican model Sofia Jirau, it became a reality. She is the first model with Down Syndrome with the opportunity to work with Victoria’s Secret with their new collection.

    “One day I dreamed of it, I worked on it and today it is a dream come true. I can finally tell you my big secret… I am the first Victoria’s Secret model with Down syndrome! Thanks to all of you for always supporting me in my projects. Thanks to Victoria’s Secret for seeing me as a #NoLimits model and making me part of the inclusion campaign ‘Love Cloud Collection’. This is just the beginning, now it’s formed! Inside and outside there are no limits, Alavett”, said Jirau via Instagram.

    In fact, it’s a first-of-its-kind campaign for the brand. Thus the purpose of the Love Cloud collection is to show the commitment Victoria’s Secret has by celebrating all women. This collection is led by eighteen diverse women including model Sofia Jirau.

    Sofia Jirau
    via Twitter

    According to Chief Design Officer Jannie Schaffer, the collection seeks to fit everyday comfort without sacrificing functionality or sexiness.

    “With this new line, we are launching high-quality bras and panties in shapes that fit women’s daily needs. In our ongoing effort to develop products that champion women and support their individual journeys”

    Range of Sizes

    Furthermore, the collection is available in stores and online since Feb. 17. Moreover, it features a wide range of bras and panties sized 32A-40DDD and XS-XXL. As GMA stated, these pieces include cloud-like padding accompanied by soft fabrics.

    Where areas of the course for Sofia’s involvement in the announcement she’s receiving a glamorizing amount of support from her followers. In the post, she posed in a black and white photo posing with the underwear brand.

    Sofia Jirau for Victoria’s Secret
    Sofia Jirau for Victoria’s Secret, via Instagram

    Sofía is part of the new “Love Cloud Collection” inclusion campaign that she shares with models like Hailey Bieber and Taylor Hill.



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