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    Social Media Confirms Aiko A Free Agent For The Holidays!!

    There’s plenty of queens brewing from a recent post of Jhene’ Aiko circulating on Social media.

    The singer and Good Music artist “Big Sean” have been in the media’s eye for nearly two years. Earlier on in their relationship, Aiko declared her love for Sean by getting a giant tattoo representing him on her body. But mysteriously that tattoo has magically disappeared.

    This past Wednesday, while attending the 2018 Guggenheim International Gala pre-party in New York, the tattoo was covered up with new art.

    When the Twitter world learned about the new tattoo, Aiko went on the defensive to respond indirectly to the controversy

    “i covered ALL my tats w/ a big ass Dragon w/ a Phoenix wing breathing life and light into a new galaxy. NEW ART! NO BEEF! ALL LOVE!”

    Back in March rumors swirled that the two we’re seeing eye to eye, and the relationship was heading towards a closure. At the time Aiko denied the allegations, along with support from Big Sean as well. The singer stated “Sorry, but nothing about you guy’s fan fiction stories are true… I still love you tho,” she tweeted. “the internet is a wild place. it’s a whole other reality. bless the internet. amen.” The Chicago native stated “it’s crazy cause some people showed their true colors over a story that isn’t true and has no proof, or facts. Bless y’all.”

    Aiko originally got the tattoo in October 2017.

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