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    Soccer Star Trent Alexander-Arnold stays true to his Humble Beginnings

    The soccer star that many had no clue about never switched up from his roots and stayed true to his humble beginnings no matter the level of success. This soccer star is Trent Alexander-Arnold and he’s won and achieved some of the greatest trophies in soccer. He’s won the Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup, League Cup, UEFA Super Cup, and FIFA Club World Cup, reported Darren Lewis and Ben Morse for CNN.

    At 23 years old, he’s proven to be one of the most accomplished soccer players in this era. Most certainly one of the best at his position currently. His pure athleticism and playmaking abilities allow him to be versatile on the field and rare at his position. However, this isn’t about his abilities and his on-the-field production. Many his age would be spending their success on glamorous things and pointless purchases, however, he remains home with his parents and wants to keep learning “clean and healthy” life habits.

    Trent Alexander-Arnold 3 Reasons for Staying Home

    In fact, Alexander-Arnold told Darren Lewis about the reasons for him staying at home with his parents in an interview.

    “I always think young players rush things,” he told CNN Senior Sports Analyst Darren Lewis. “You start getting paid some money and young players always think the first thing is to move out, get a new car, stuff like that.

    “And then the environment is just not the same. You’re living at home. You’ve got your parents to keep you in line and make sure things are clean and tidy, the dishes aren’t stacking up and you’re going home to a nice, clean environment and things like that.

    “Whereas living at home (on your own), breakfast and dinner, you just think: ‘I’ll do that later.’ And then you come in from training and then you’re just not in a clean, nice environment. So I’ve never felt a rush to leave home. I’ve always had the right messages.

    “I’ve just always enjoyed having family around me. And they’ve kept my feet on the ground and pushed me to the levels that I’ve got so far. So I don’t think there’s any rush for me to make a decision.”

    1. It helps him have stability
    2. To continue to learn “clean and healthy” life habits
    3. He just loves being around family 

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