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    Jay-Z Secured Snoop Dogg A Spot For The Super Bowl Halftime Show

    Celebrities normally get what they want just by simply asking for it. Though, some famous personalities have the natural gift of persuasion. For instance, Jay-Z knows how to negotiate to achieve the result he seeks. By being a rap mogul, he knows a thing or two about how to work his way around a business deal. Recently, Snoop Dogg praised his fellow rap GOAT in his ability to make things happen. According to the Doggfather, Jay-Z helped him into the Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show.

                Snoop Dogg Thanks Jay-Z For Including Him In The Lineup

    Super Bowl Halftime Show
    via Cool Accidents

    It goes without saying that watching Super Bowl Halftime shows have become a common pastime for many football fans. Apparently, they love watching the live performances just as much as talking about the games. The Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show will include some pretty awesome performances. Fortunately, Snoop Dogg will be joining the long list of artists to perform and it’s all thanks to Jay-Z.

    During a recent sit down with The Breakfast Club, the Doggfather thanked the “100 Problems” rapper for including him on the lineup. Clearly, Jay-Z pulled some serious strings to make that happen.

    “Shoutout to JAY-Z for umm, going to war and making that thang happen — puttin’ the first hip hop act on the stage. You know, people don’t give him credit for a lot of things that he do,” the rapper gushed about Jay-Z.

    It seems like the rap mogul put his business skills to good use.

                Other Performers Scheduled For The Super Bowl Halftime Show

    Super Bowl Halftime Show
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    Of course, many Super Bowl fans will be looking forward to Snoop Dogg’s performance. Though, there are other artists fans will be raving about. Furthermore, the lineup also includes Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre and even Eminem.

    Slim Shady’s presence might surprise fans, given him and the Doggfather’s past social media beef. Fortunately, the two are on better terms these days. Fans can expect the Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show lineup to live up to exceed expectations.


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