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    Sixers lose Game 4; Embiid’s knee problematic.

    Sixers Unable to Win Game 4; Embiid’s knee injury problematic.

    Sixers lose game 4
    Sixers lose game 4,
    Embiid hurting, knee injury Philadelphia 76ers | Twitter

    The Philadelphia 76ers are reeling from a loss against Atlanta in Game 4 with a final score of 100-103. They pulled out strong in the first three quarters (+8, +27, +2) but couldn’t keep up in the fourth. With 1:17 remaining, Trae Young was able to rally and come back with Hawks and Sixers just couldn’t finish off the game. The Sixers were also without Danny Green who was injured in Game 3, replaced by Furkan Korkmaz. Embiid was hurting due to knee injury and unable to carry the scoring presence that he usually does but manages to get 21 rebounds.

    Joel Embiid Hurting, Sixers Lose Game 4

    Trae Young, Joel Embiid NBA Playoffs
    Trae Young, Joel Embiid hurting due to knee injury. Sixers lose game 4 to Hawks.NBA Playoffs
    Philadelphia Sixers | Twitter

    “Even before I went back to the locker room, I felt like I didn’t have it. I guess it’s already known. There’s no need to explain myself anymore. I’m just trying to do the best I can.”

    -Joel on his injured knee

    Embiid continued to struggle obviously his knee injury was bothering him and effecting his game. He was 0 for 12 before the end of the second half. After retreating to the locker room, he made a 3. Finishing off with 4 for 20 from the floor, his game just was short of strong with a score of 17 points. Clearly, he was hurting. Yet, something to consider was his agressive defensive game in which he got 21 rebounds which is just as important as scoring. It was a career-high and the only other sixer to accomplish this feat was a Hall of Famer, Dikembe Mutombo. Still the Sixers lose game 4 against hawks.

    Moving Forward into Game 5

    Although, we fans do love when Embiid is able to score high numbers. Now, it is clear that it needs to be a team effort not a reliance on Embiid. And, that’s not because he should be perfect every time because he is doing his part to the best of his ability. On the contrary, other players need to show up and get them where they need to go. Sixers lost with a 3 point margin that should have easily countered for a regain in the lead. Yet, they just stood in defeat, lose game 4 to hawks. That cannot happen in the next game.

    Hopefully, that will not be the case. As the 76ers return home, the hope is that the energy will be high, game playing solid and a team effort that Philadelphia can be proud of.  Everyone agrees it cannot go to a game 7. Specially, if Embiid is going to be able to rest his knee before the next round.


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