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Shia LaBeouf Dick Wet


Shia LaBeouf Getting His D*ck Wet Elsewhere??


Shia LaBeouf has not been in the news for quite some time. However, it was inevitable that he returns back to the spotlight. It seems as though Shia LaBeouf dick isn’t too farfetched.

Not too long ago rumors swirled about the Transformers actor and FKA Twigs being together. Now it seems as though it may be trouble in paradise between the two. Overall a source reveals that the two have been purposely spent time apart.

Shia LaBeouf Dick Wet

For the most part, Twigs schedule has been all types of busy. At the moment the artist is on her Magdalene tour. Furthermore, she will go around the world to different cities.

“They both have put their relationship on hold. FKA has been focusing on her tour and she wanted to put all of her heart and soul into it,” the source explains. “They are really up in the air right now and were waiting until all of her work commitments were fulfilled to figure it out.”

At the moment the distance may be making them rethink everything. In the meantime, there seems to be some tea brewing that Shia may have another woman distracting him at the moment. Apparently, he and the female in question was at Kanye’s Sunday service. People believe that the two are more than friends.

In conclusion, do you think that Shia LaBeouf dick wet by this other woman is true? Will he work it out with Twigs? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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