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    Shania Twain Peed on Herself… And Nobody Even Knew It!

    Shania Twain let nature take the wheel live on stage when she had to go… And nobody even knew it! But how you ask? Let’s dive deeper into this magic trick of sorts.

    The event happened during on-air game called “That Does Impress Me Much”  which happens Live with Andy Cohen. “I was very clever in this moment,” she told Cohen. “I stood up from my chair to get up and sing. I peed myself.”

    How Shania Twain covered it up on live television you ask? She spilled a glass of water on purpose in the same area that she wetted up. Clever moves, clever moves.

    “I was wearing a skirt, thank goodness,” Twain, 53, said “I stood up, it all came out, I was dry.” What a late night performance, huh?


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