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    Sean Kiez Promotes Love and Positivity Through New Song Open

    Promoting love and positivity is what we need most during this of craziness. Houston rapper, Sean Kiez is giving us just that. Recently Kiez dropped his new song, “Open,” hoping to inspire others not only through his philanthropy work but through his music. We sat down with the one and only rapper to hear more about his current projects.

    1. Hypefresh: Tell us about your current project “Open”?

    “Open is a fun love story, it exemplifies various couples and shows that love has no bounds. It’s the year 2020 and most of society is non-traditional and free. So, however they choose to show love, versus spreading hate, is what we wanted to display as far as the visuals. Being open to loving someone is one of the greatest feelings alive.”

    1. Hypefresh: If you could describe your musical style, how would you describe it?

    “My musical style is complex. I want listeners to take a ride on this soulful journey of sound. I want you to float as you listen to the melody and remember what life was like before things became complicated. I want listeners to hold on to that innocence of the scent of your first crush or the taste of your soulmate’s food, the feel of their touch, and the burning yearn you had for them in your time of need. I want listeners to reminisce about how deep your love for that person was… you know that feeling of going to war for them if necessary. Ha…ha. I just want people to show love again and vibe out doing it, people don’t even dance anymore, let’s just live y’all.”

    1. Hypefresh: What do you hope to teach others through your music? What is your message to listeners?

    “I want them to know that life is fleeting and we have to take out the time to appreciate all aspects, the good and the bad. Also, I want my fans to turn lemons into lemonade and not forget to smile when necessary and cry when you have to. Do not fear failure, especially when your reaching for your dreams.

    1. Hypefresh: I hear that you are not only an entertainer but a philanthropist. What do you hope to teach youth about life?

    “I want the youth to know that it’s no rush in growth. Don’t rush to grow up, we all are constantly growing, some faster than others. Use your mind to make sound decisions that is reflective of your heart’s judgment. If it doesn’t feel right, keep it real with yourself and do not fall for the bull**** that’s out here to destroy you. It’s okay to be a leader, and you’re more of a leader when you listen. That’s how you gain wisdom.”

    1. Hypefresh: What advice would you give a young black man in this time of hate and racism?

    “The advice that I would give young men is to use your mind, you’re a King. You make more noise by the moves you make versus moving off of impulse and failing due to ignorance. Life is a chess game, legalize yourself in all that you do so you can move smooth out here. Do not be afraid to do it the legit way, it’ll last longer. Do not get knocked off your game by trying to keep up with the fools. 

    1. Hypefresh: Where can audience members catch the latest updates?

    “You can follow me on Instagram, @seankiez and @kultureismusic for the girls if anyone needs anything else hit my team for all other business inquiries.

    All my new music will be on all streaming platforms. I can’t wait to see my fans Tiktok videos and to see everyone in person after this pandemic. I can’t wait to party together; we are ready to hit every city and drop off love.


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