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    Saint Peter’s University Peacocks “Cinderella Story” Run

    Saint Peter’s University continues their legendary run since they’ve entered the March Madness tournament. SPU is a small school located in Jersey City, New Jersey, and has become famous for completing the impossible. Tonight, the Peacocks take on the No. 3 seed team, Purdue. However, Peter’s making the this far in the tournament is the first a team from New Jersey has done so since the year 2000, reported CBS Sports.

    The road to the Sweet 16 started by defeating No. 2 seed Kentucky. Following that win, they defeated the No.7 seed Murray State. Just to clarify how bizarre that win was, Murray State prior to that loss didn’t lose since December of last year. Yet, the Peacocks seem to be the only team unsurprised by their success. Even the Senator of New Jersey, Robert Menendez, speaks openly about the success of SPU. Menedez is Saint Peter’s University Alumn and continues to show his excitement and attachment to the University.

    “It’s not just a Cinderella story,” declared Senator Robert Menendez, Democrat of New Jersey. “It’s David vs. Goliath.”

    Saint Peter’s University continues to make history

    Student tickets to the game against Purdue sold out in under three minutes, reported New York Times. On Thursday, Peacock tickets were selling for as much as $5,000 a ticket on Stubhub and Ticketmaster. The point guard Doug Edert has been the talk of the town for the whole tournament. He’s the guy with the mustache that Barstool Sports continues to meme and openly support as March Madness continues. In two games, he’s combined for over 60 points in tournament games so far.   


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